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Did you know that the Supply Chain and Research Industry are expected to grow manifold and overtake the IT industry across the world? The Global Research Industry is worth $31 billion as of 2011 and is estimated to grow at a rate of 4-7% per year according to Industry Analysts. Whereas the Global Supply Chain Industry is worth close to a $1 Trillion due to its sheer importance without which none of the industries could exist. That is the reason behind IIPMR to develop certification courses in these two industries that exactly matches the needs of the companies.

Unlike IT, the Demand for Supply Chain and Research professionals are stable and permanent since it is recession proof. Almost all the industries right from Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Defence, Media and IT require people with Supply Chain and Research expertise.

IIPMR has the rare distinction in offering certification courses that are not only globally recognized and appreciated, but is also of high demand by companies such as Wipro, Accenture, Infosys, Flextronics, HP, Dell and other Top MNCs. If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Training Center, please click on the tabs for more details.


When you become an IIPMR Authorized Training Center (ATC) you enjoy these special benefits:

  • Access to IIPMR’s world class E-learning Infrastructure. (View demo here)
  • Authorized to conduct IIPMR Official curriculum courses that are globally recognized and high demand in the Industry
  • Use the IIPMR ATC Trademark Logo.
  • Start offering online classes to students at your premises without the need to hire tutors.
  • ATC certificate and poster
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • ATC welcome kit that consists of marketing materials, posters, templates, training resources, brochures, e-books, sales techniques etc.

  • IIPMR’s Brand name, reputation and credibility with companies such as Accenture, Wipro, HCL, Connectivity Data Systems and other Top MNCs. Usage of Trademarks that belong to IIPMR
  • Unparalleled guidance from a Management team headed by an IIM Alumni with years of experience in both Supply Chain Management and Research.
  • Service level agreement wherein your investment capital is protected through the money back guarantee model. IIPMR will refund the full franchisee fee, If the Authorized Training Center does not make sales equivalent to the franchisee fee during the tenure of the agreement.
  • Valuable contacts and established relationships with HR head, Recruitment Head, VP and CEO of all the TOP MNCs for placement of Certified Individuals.

Mission Statement

IIPMR’s sole objective is to continue to be the global leader in training and certification for Research and Supply Chain Management education.

Why Supply Chain and Research education?

  • Recession Proof
  • Ever increasing demand for Supply Chain and Research Professionals
  • No Competition
  • Easy to Market
  • All cash business. No need for Credit sales.

Target Audience

  • College Students
  • Existing Supply Chain and Research professionals looking for certification programs to endorse their capability
  • Individuals looking to shift their career from a low-growth industry such as call centres, medical billing, medical transcriptionist, etc
  • Corporates who are in the business of Supply Chain Consulting and Research looking to offer value added learning programmes to their employees.
  • Existing Universities and Colleges who are keen to offer job oriented courses to their students.


International Institute for Procurement and Market Research (IIPMR) is a global leader in training and certification for Research and Supply Chain Management education. It is the developer of internationally recognized certification programs such as

  • Certified Research Analyst (CRA)
  • Certified Supply Chain Associate (CSCA)
  • Certified Research Expert (CRE)
  • Certified Supply Chain Specialist (CSCS)
  • Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)
  • Certified Research Professional (CRP)
  • Certified Research Analyst (CRA)
  • Certified Supply Chain Associate (CSCA)
  • Certified Research Expert (CRE)
  • Certified Supply Chain Specialist (CSCS)
  • Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)
  • Certified Research Professional (CRP)

IIPMR is also a pioneer in creating the world's first online business to business (B2B) E-commerce platform that has an inbuilt Market Intelligence/Market Research tool. It has registered members from 54+ countries ranging from CEO's, Procurement Managers and Analysts. Visit: for further details.

IIPMR also offers Market Research & Consulting services focused in Supply Chain to fortune 500 companies across the world. This service is called Procurement Intelligence or Supply Chain Research.

IIPMR certified members (CRA, CSCA, CRE, CSCS, and CPP) are recognised worldwide as the sign of a qualified Research and Supply chain management professional and are achieved through examination and recognition of relevant prior learning.


  • IIPMR is a Research & Supply Chain Consulting Company based out of Texas, USA.
  • IIPMR is a global leader in Market Research and Supply Chain Management education, training, and certification.
  • Offers certification courses that are widely recognized and in huge demand in the Supply Chain & Market Research Industry.
  • It also offers Research, Supply Chain Management & Procurement Services to clients in more than 15 countries
  • IIPMR does customized research and offers research reports for sale online at
  • It has members from more than 54 countries
  • Offers Placement services to its certified members through its huge network of clients who regularly require resources skilled in Market Research and Supply Chain Management.

  • IIPMR takes partnering seriously. We expect mutual investment for each other’s success. We are seeking partners in our Endeavour to spread Supply Chain Management and Research Education across the world. Referred to as Accredited Training Center (ATC), the partner is responsible for running Certification Programs their centers under our brand and expertise. The Training is delivered via the training portal at which is world class and adheres to International SCORM standard.
  • So, if you are an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities in a booming sector, or an established enterprise/ group looking forward to offer high demand certification courses, then join hands with IIPMR. It will surely prove out to be a very good business decision in order to meet your objectives and goals.

We are looking for committed partners who can act as catalysts in sustaining IIPMR’s legacy and leadership in all parts of the world. You must have

  • Keen interest in Education Services
  • Passion for Supply Chain Management and Research
  • Interest to offer high demand certification courses
  • Reasonable financial resources
  • Strong preference will be given to Firms and Institutions already in the Education services field. However first time entrepreneurs will also be given a fair chance and their application given due consideration.

  • Carpet area 600 sq. feet – 1500 sq. feet in an Owned/Rental space with or without Air-condition.
  • Rental or Lease arrangement for a tenure of 1 year of agreement
  • To be situated in a Central commercial/educational area
  • Minimum 10 computer systems with high speed net connection (4 Mbps with 50 GB data limit). Leased Internet line is not required.
  • The USB and DVD drives should be disabled in all the computer systems so as to prevent students from copying the video tutorials.
  • A Reception Area with a Course Counsellor
  • An MD Room
  • Appropriate Rest Room
  • Parking Facility

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