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Weather forecast

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Weather intelligence:

Climatic conditions play a major role in procurement as they determine the safe arrival of the required products. Failure of on-time delivery due to adverse climatic conditions could result in major loss as the production cannot be continued. It is important for procurement managers to plan their purchasing keeping in mind the climatic seasons of the countries where their suppliers are located in order to avoid potential disruptions in the logistic routes. This is applicable especially when purchasing from overseas. Not only does it impact the manufacturing sector but also affects the services sector on an equal scale. It is important to choose the location of a BPO vendor in third world countries based on the weather conditions of the city/region where they are located. A BPO vendor located in a city or town that is vulnerable to frequest hurricanes or high rain fall could impair the daily work or commutation of its employees.

It is for this reason that has put together accurate data of most important cities/ports around the world so that procurement managers can develop appropriate weather intelligence. The above report will be useful for people who plan their purchasing activities by factoring climatic conditions of the cities/regions where their suppliers are located in.

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